—Past Fair Pictures—
Here are pictures from some recent Gilmanton Free Fair weekends! Send us any cool pictures you would like to share here!

Saturday Evening Tractor Pull

Softball Tournament

Midnight Riders Queen leading the Parade

2012 Miss Gilmanton judging the Cook-Off

Bennett Valley Gray Band on Saturday night

Kids Games - water balloon toss

Kids Games - Tug of War

Some of the wood carver's work, which was auctioned off on Sunday night.

More carvings

Prepping cattle for judging on Saturday morning.

Over 40 animals came to the Fair in 2012. We hope to see even more next year! We had entries from many local towns outside of Gilmanton too. Great turnout!

Bean bags - actually taken after the tournament. 48 teams participated this year! The boards were busy well after dark on Sunday night.

Auction time on Sunday evening.

This was actually taken Thursday night when the carnival was just setting up and testing everything. Very well done carnival. Thanks again to A&P for coming this year. We hope our schedules work out again in the future!

Pickles the Clown entertained the crowd during the parade and for a few hours afterwards. This crowd in front of her never seemed to go down all afternoon.

Great carnival food this year!

The swings...vertical for once, instead of nearly horizontal!

Yes, that is bumper cars under the canopy.


Cleaning up the Barn to get ready for livestock! Took quite a bit of work to clean it out, replace worn gates, and bring in fresh screenings. Thank you to the volunteers who contributed!

Sage on stage

Tractor Pull Finals

Tractor Pull Finals

Bean Bag Tournament



The next 4 pictures are from the talent show.

Bennett Valley Gray Band on stage

The midway as the fair started Thursday night in 2010.

The coronation of the new queen and princess(es).

Boy Scouts painting before the Fair.

The carnival rolling in on Monday evening in 2010.

The carnival starting to set up during the week.


The 2010 carnival all set up!

Here are a few pictures from the 2009 Fair.


The following pics are from Set-Up Night on Monday, July 6, 2009.



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